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Message from the CEO

Dear Shareowners,


The year 2021 was a year surrounded by plenty difficulties for every companies, including the personal care oriented industry. Despite the upturns in the sales, even our sector suffered the onslaught of COVID-19.


We faced consumption contractions, increase of competitors in the market, markets saturated with our main products category, changes on consumption habits, price instability, increased response times from our suppliers, increase in financial costs, decrease of turnover rates in our main markets, constant supply chain disruptions, and overall, continuous stops with our production facilities and logistic centers.


Nonetheless, despite the inability to fulfill our goals and after recognizing our contingency fund wasn't enough, we managed to develop improvements in our growing strategies and develop of our brands. Among them, I must highlight the hard work of those who worked remotely and for longer than usual, our Research and Development Department, our Marketing Department, the distribution and the channels development managers, who by working together were able to turn this situation in a productive year regarding new projects and the future of the company.


As I look back on 2021, I want to highlight the most fruitful results from the last year:

  • Negotiations with bussines partners from Puerto Rico and Guatemala were reopened, with whom we plan to introduce a significant part of our portfolio of brands and products (around 70% and 80%), with a promising prospect of development, backed by a price audit detailed by SKU’s and a tailor-made marketing plan developed according the observed opportunities of our competitors.

  • We achieved to introduce into the market four new products from our brand “Dermique” that had been in development since 2016, which will strengthen our portfolio and will allow us to enhance our promotional work incorporating the medical visit to dermatologists. With this brand we aim to achieve a 2% of participation in the dermatological field, with a similar strategy for Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

  • Our direct distribution strategy, was resumed in traditional and modern channel including the creation and building of the commercial data from scratch, fully segmented and geolocated. Counting with pre-sale routes and dispatch routes, including some foreign routes self-sale, which resulted in an increase of more than 39% of sales compared to last year. In comparison with the performance of distributors, the activation percentage increased by 53.7%, coverage by brand saw an increase of 43.8%, coverage by SKU an increase of 76.3%, and the cross-sell ratio raised by 67.1%.

  • We developed a merchandising strategy in retail stores and independent pharmacies, along new advertising campaigns through billboards to promote our feminine intimate hygiene brand “Viefem”, highlighting its lack of soap as the only one in the market with such a beneficial trait. This strategy was enhanced thanks to visits and advisement from gynecologists achieving a growth of 1.3% in the market share.

  • New presentations for MINi Care were added to the portfolio: moisturizing sanitizer lotions of 110ml. Aditionally, an important target of consumers that don’t use hand sanitizer gel but make use of antiseptic alcohol and show dislike to the alcohol smell, for whom a new proposal named “Fruity Alcohol” was created: 70% antiseptic alcohol with our well-known fruity scents.

  • I should clarify that the year 2020 was a year of higher revenues for the company due to specific sales to government agencies and infrequent customers who demanded biosafety products in large quantities as a measure for the prevention of covid-19, which that year represented about 70% of revenues, represented in the graph as "other incomes", so the KPI measurements are made versus the performance of the brands in the same period.

  • We raid into the segment of antiseptic alcohol, a segment with a great sale and turnover volume, that it's be ruled by traditional competitors, yet we based our strategy on giving a fresher image to the products, a numerical distribution strategy to achieve expanded coverage in the traditional channel and a marketing plan for our retail customers, distinguished by the providing of eye-catching free automatic alcohol dispensers in strategic high-trafficked selling points. We have also made use of displays, P.O.P. and the signage of delivery vehicles. This resulted in quick positioning for our brand and becoming a major player in shelves all across main cities.

  • We incorporated to our portfolio new presentations of Seep Alcohol, Seep Hand Sanitizer Gel, Seep Surface Bactericide, Seep Antibacterial Soap, Ultrasound Gel and Destiled Water; all of them in 3.78 Lts gallons. These products were already part of our main portfolio, which enabled us to served and develop a new channel which we could not access with the commercial one liter presentations. In this channel didn’t just assist the HORECA sector, but also schools, malls, organisms, housings, recreational centers, gyms, health institutions, laboratories, labor-health departments across the whole country among others.

  • Achieved FDA approval as an OTC drug laboratory.

  • We have retaken our sales in Amazon US, which had been affected by the distortions generated mainly by the oversupply from Asia and which by the end of 2021 had shown signs of recovering and stability.

  • Negotiations with bussines partners, store chains, retail and pharmacies nationwide in the United States were retaken.


       Prospecting for this year 2022


  • We will start our first round of Serie B Financing with which we aim to raise $ 10 MM that will be invested in the opening of commercial offices in South America, Central America and the United States, to manage imports, logistics, distribution and local marketing strategy in each country, additionally we plan to establish our main R&D center in the United States.

  • The formulation of the antimycotic for the intimate zone Viefem was approved, and an agreement was reached with a high-standard sanitary towels manufacturer to complement our portfolio, which we plan to introduce by the end of 2022.

  • We will resume to open our commercial offices in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Mexico to start the pilot scheme for our direct distribution strategy in the traditional and modern channel.

  • We will resume the start-up of our facility manufacturing in the Rio Negro Free Trade Zone, Antioquia, Colombia, with a capacity of 200 tons/month, and our distribution center in the La Cayena Free Trade Zone, located in the city of Barranquilla.

  • We will resume our Logistics Center project in Florida for cargo consolidation and subsequent distribution to the different States.

  • We estimate the launch of the first phase of our online store in the United States, supported by Amazon FBA logistics.

  • We estimate the opening of the first pilot stores of the skin stores.

    Negotiations with bussines partners, chain stores, retail and pharmacies nationwide in the United States were retaken.

Finally, although we did not achieve the objectives that we have so far measured as indicators of our performance, we were able to complete other projects that we are sure will yield very good results in the long term.

Personally, I am very satisfied with the results because once again we have demonstrated that we are prepared to face the dynamic market. I hope you are as proud of all that our company has been able to accomplish as I am.


2021 Report

Prospects 2022

Our Priorities for this year

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Chief Executive Officer

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