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Luis López Silva

Founding Partner and Executive Director of Harmonia Company, Venezuelan, systems analyst, with experience in strategic sales planning, development of distribution channels, promotional strategies, implementation of management indicator control systems, marketing in large stores, and industrial machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. He worked for several years in large Venezuelan companies of mass consumption products.

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Scarlett Acanio Gómez

Operations Director of Harmonía de Venezuela, C.A. since 2012, Venezuelan, Journalist graduated from the Catholic University Andrés Bello, specializing in economic journalism, business, logistics, marketing and advertising. She worked as editor-in-chief at the Product® Editorial Group, and others important national economic, business, logistics and health media.

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Luis López Devoe

Industrial Engineer, specialized in electromechanics with extensive experience in industrial machinery. He worked on the implementation and start-up of the production facilitys of renowned companies in the beverage and food sector, including Yukery juices, Los Andes dairy products, Marbel bottling plant, Coca-Cola, Yaracuy dairy products and Royal candies. He currently works for the aluminum industry.

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Hayboré López Silva

Environmental Engineer, Consultant for Industrial Safety, Environmental Risk and Management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, specializing in Quality Management Systems ISO-9000 / 9001 / 14000 applied to the chemical and oil industry.

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