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In 2006, Judith Silva de López, who was a 57-year-old Venezuelan cosmetologist and manualist, specialized in the formulation of cosmetic products, and experienced in the distribution of raw materials for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, had the concern to create a brand of personal care products of artisanal elaboration. 


She resorted to his son Luis López Silva, with extensive experience in sales and marketing in the areas of telecommunications and mass market, to conceptualize the brand and products. López leaves his job at the most important Venezuelan consumer company to join the project full time. This is how Harmonía was born under the concept of a brand of personal care products made by hand to be marketed in its own stores. The first products included Body Wash, Moisturizing Lotion, Scrub and Splash. 


Judith Silva dies in a tragic traffic accident in 2007, and the project is paralyzed for a couple of years. His son resumed the project in 2009 and gives a twist to the initial concept, towards the industrialized manufacturing of own brands that could be marketed in many different ways. After two years dedicated to the development of formulations, exclusive packaging matrices and obtaining permits, Harmonía launches its first line of products: Esthetic Care, four specialized aesthetic treatments, on the market, supported by manufacturing to third parties. 


The company is restructured in 2013 in Strategic Business Units (SBU): Health Care, Specialized and Dermo. Aware that the only way to support the company's growth was to achieve the autonomy of its processes, the company starts the construction of its first manufacturing plant located in Barquisimeto, Lara State, Venezuela; with three production lines totally adjusted to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The packaging division is also inaugurated to manufacture the bottles of its products. That same year, it launches the first product of the SBU Specialized, MINi Care Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer; and with this product, in 2014, the start of the company's internationalization was achieved by introducing it into the US market through


In 2017, due to the serious political and economic problems that Venezuela was going through, the partners of the company decided to start operations also in Colombia. Harmonía Colombia was born with the construction of a second production plant in the Rionegro Free Zone in Antioquia, to overcome the logistical obstacles that were imposed in Venezuela, and expand production capacity.


In 2018, as part of the commercial expansion strategy, Harmonia & Co was founded, with headquarters in Sussex County, Delaware, in the United States, which subsequently acquires the majority shareholding of the Venezuelan and Colombian headquarters and the ownership of the brands, patents and formulations of the company. This year the process of introducing the brands in the markets of Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Costa Rica begins.